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Andersson, Kent-Erik (R) May 24, 1951 Orebro, SWE
Arnason, Ernest (R) Jul 15, 1951 Dauphin, MB, CAN
Baby, John (D) May 18, 1957 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Barrett, Frederick (D) Jan 26, 1950 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Brasar, Per-Olov (C) Sep 30, 1950 Falun, SWE
Butters, William (D) Jan 10, 1951 St. Paul, MN, USA
Carlson, Jack (L) Aug 23, 1954 Virginia, MN, USA
Chicoine, Daniel (R) Nov 30, 1957 Sherbrooke, QC, CAN
Eaves, Michael (C) Jun 10, 1956 Denver, CO, USA
Edwards, Gary (G) Oct 5, 1947 Toronto, ON, CAN
Fidler, Michael (L) Aug 19, 1956 Everett, MA, USA
Hogaboam, Bill (C) Sep 5, 1949 Swift Current, SK, CAN
Jackson, Donald (D) Sep 2, 1956 Minneapolis, MN, USA
Lopresti, Peter (G) May 23, 1954 Virginia, MN, USA
MacAdam, Reginald (R) Mar 16, 1952 Charlottetown, PE, CAN
Manery, Kris (R) Sep 24, 1954 Leamington, ON, CAN
Maruk, Dennis (C) Nov 17, 1955 Toronto, ON, CAN
Maxwell, Bradley (D) Jul 8, 1957 Brandon, MB, CAN
Maxwell, Bryan (D) Sep 7, 1955 North Bay, ON, CAN
McKenny, James (D) Dec 1, 1946 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Meloche, Gilles (G) Jul 12, 1950 Montreal, QC, CAN
Parise, Jean-Paul (L) Dec 11, 1941 Smooth Rock Falls, ON, CAN
Payne, Steven (L) Aug 16, 1958 Toronto, ON, CAN
Pirus, Joseph (R) Jan 12, 1955 Toronto, ON, CAN
Polich, Michael (C) Dec 19, 1952 Hibbing, MN, USA
Potvin, Jean (D) Mar 25, 1949 Hull, QC, CAN
Roberts, James (R) Jun 8, 1956 Toronto, ON, CAN
Sargent, Gary (D) Feb 18, 1954 Red Lake, MN, USA
Sharpley, Glen (C) Sep 6, 1956 York, ON, CAN
Smith, Bobby (C) Feb 12, 1958 North Sidney, NS, CAN
Smith, Gregory (D) Jul 18, 1955 Ponoka, AB, CAN
Young, Timothy (C) Feb 22, 1955 Scarborough, ON, CAN
Younghans, Thomas (R) Jan 22, 1953 St. Paul, MN, USA
Zanussi, Ronald (R) Aug 31, 1956 Toronto, ON, CAN
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