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Referee Signals

Pounding the closed fist of one hand into the other. Called for driving an opponent into the boards. Rotating closed fists in front of chest. Called for taking more than three strides before checking an opponent.
A forward and backward motion extending from the chest. Called for hitting an opponent with both hands on the stick, and no part of the stick on the ice. Tapping the elbow with the opposite hand. Called when using elbow to impede opponent.
Holding both fists, clenched one above the other, at the side of the head. Called for carrying the stick above the waist against an opponent. Clapping the wrists in front of the chest. Called for using hands on opponent or his equipment.
Tugging motion with arms. Called for using the stick or blade to hook opponent. Crossed arms in front of chest with fists closed. Called for having contact with opponent not in possession of the puck.
A thrusting motion with the arm extending from the side. Called for engaging in fisticuffs or shoving. Chopping with one hand across the opposite forearm. Called for swinging stick at the opponent.
A jabbing motion with both hands in front of the body. Called for using the stick like a spear. Striking the right leg with both hands in front of the body. Called for using stick, arm or leg to cause opponent to trip or fall.